... searching for truffles

Santoro's Truffles Company, owner of the italiantruffles.it brand, is found in the heart of the Basilicata, in the south Italy, where possible to find fruits is that only an unexplored earth can hide. The orography of the territory, the climate and the nature of these places are the ideal conditions for the growth of the king of the brushwood, the truffle, that is born here, between expanses of turkey oaks and oaks, very important to give life to unique truffles.

The search of the truffles is entrusted to our four legs friends, that have been being trained with love and passion for different years and it are really thanks to theirs that, crossing the expanses of the territory lucano, we searching for every kind of the precious tuber, from the appreciated white to the most common black, to the bianchetto.