Well known among connoisseurs of truffles with the vulgar appellation of Scorzone truffle, Tuber aestivum stands out because of certain characteristics among which are the following: the meat-yellow dirt / hazelnut, the warty rind and black color, the its period of maturation, which is the summer (from whence the name).
The fruiting body footprint tuberose, sometimes kidney-shaped, with basal cavity or depression; 1-5 cm in diameter, rarely larger than an egg.
The smell is delicate and pleasant, a little 'fungus, while the taste is aromatic, similar to that of mushrooms.
Symbiont fungus, underground, it grows in association with sawmills, spread over a large amount of land, even if it prefers soils calcium>-magnesium, drained, rich in fine and coarse grain sizes.
Scorzone TruffleScorzone TruffleScorzone TruffleScorzone TruffleScorzone Truffle
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